Umbria’s Wine

What You Should Know About Wine Before Going to Umbria

Umbria’s wines have finally made it on the “world wine map.” Their extraordinary red wine, Sagrantino di Montefalco, got the wine community to pay attention to Umbria and its wines. Umbria makes other wonderful wines that I will write about soon. If you are heading to Umbria soon, make sure you taste sagrantino, and the dessert wine made from the sagrantino grape, Passito di Sagrantino. It is a sweet–but not cloying–complex wine with a smooth body and luscious fruit notes. Also try: Lungarotti’s Rubesco (not the cheap one); Grechetto, Umbria’s important white varietal; Orvieto Classico, another traditional white wine. More about Umbrian wines later.

After working in the wine community, and specifically working in the Italian wine world, I have so many things I like to tell you, so you will feel confident and be informed about Italian wines. To start though, I will give you a brochure I developed with the winemaker at Meridian Vineyards in Paso Robles, California. The booklet’s goal is to make you comfortable in restaurants when ordering wine. The booklet was written for women, but the information is good for anyone. Put the cursor over the cover and then move it to the left to turn pages. You can print the booklet, if you would like.